Rehearsal dates

31 January
26, 22, 2b, 2d, 40, 25b

7 February – Waitangi Day Holiday
3, 5, 16b, 16d, 17, 18b

14 February
11, 12b, 14, 39

21 February
15, 21b, 21d, 21f, 40

28 February
22, 37, 23b, 23d, 23f, 24, 32

Saturday 5 March
28, 32, 27b, 37, 1, sectionals if allowed

7 March
1, 2b, 2d, 22

14 March
25b, 3, 5, 16b, 16d, 40

21 March
12b, 21b, 21d, 21f, 23b, 23d, 23f

28 March
11, 14, 15, 17, 18b, 24, 26

4 April
1, 27b, 28, 32, 37, 39

Saturday 9 April

11 April

18 April – Easter Monday

25 April – Anzac Day – No Rehearsal

2 May

9 May

Saturday 14 May Final Rehearsal

Sunday 15 May Concert

1. Lord, Thou our Master

2b. Jesus of Nazareth

2d. Jesus of Nazareth

3. O wondrous love

5. Thy will must all creation do

11. Who was it, Lord

12b. Art Thou not one of His disciples

14. Peter, while his conscience slept

15. Christ, who knew no sin or wrong

16b. If this man were not a malefactor

16d. By death we may not punish

17. Ah, mighty King

18b. Not this man, give us Barrabas

21b. King we hail Thee, King of the Jews

21d. Crucify, crucify

21f. We have with us a law

22. Our freedom, Son of God*


23b. If thou let this man go

23d. Away with Him

23f. We have no King but Caesar

24. Come ye souls whom care oppresses

25b. Write Him not as our King

26. Within my heart’s recesses

27b. Let us rend not nor divide

28. In His final hour did He think

32. O Thou my Saviour give me answer

37. Help, O Christ, Thou Son of God

39. Rest well, beloved, sweetly sleeping

40. Ah Lord, when comes that final day*

Reference recording

Note:­ the choir and singer for Jesus use the Barenreiter score and translation, but the other soloists use different translations.

Second note: recordings on YouTube in German are of better quality, but not as useful for practice.

Parts practice

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