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Kāpiti Chorale subscription policy and practice

Subscriptions 2020

As advised at the end of last year, the subscription will rise slightly to $245 for the whole year, rebated to $235 if paid in the first three weeks of the session (by 17th Feb 2020).  

The full payment for planning and budget purposes is preferred. Subscriptions are an essential element of membership of the Chorale, helping to meet considerable ongoing general expenses such as rehearsal hall hire, modest payments made for our exceptional Music Director and accompanist, and auditor, NZCF membership and fees to the Charities Commission.

We cannot survive without all full members paying each year.  Income from ticket sales normally covers most of the concert-specific costs such as soloist fees, music hire, venue fees, tickets and printing of programmes, and advertising, but is insufficient to cover the general expenses outlined above. 

The single session option has proved worthwhile and is provided for those who expect not to be able to attend throughout the year or who prefer smaller regular payments. $82 is payable at the beginning of each session.

Subscriptions may be made by 

(i)  Internet banking (account no 11-7255-0120129-11). Please ensure your name is included in the reference.

(ii) Cash, in an envelope with your name on, given to Jutta at the sign-in desk.

Internet banking is our preferred method. Please use it if you can.

Subsidising the subscription for those who might have some difficulty paying, has been made possible by generous sponsorship from the Law Connection. Our new policy for this states:

The committee of the Chorale recognises that prospective and current choristers may have financial circumstances that limit or prohibit their participation because they are unable to pay all or part of the fees or buy a choir shirt as required for women choristers.

When such circumstances come to the attention of any committee member, that member will discuss with the rest of the committee whether some or all of the fees and other costs should be forgiven. The committee will record its decision so that necessary adjustments can be made and the chorister will be informed.

If you wish to be considered for this, please talk to a committee member and then committee will decide.

New members

When singers join the Chorale, they do not have to audition - they can simply come along and try out the choir.

There is no financial obligation for up to four rehearsals.  If, after attending four rehearsals, a guest singer decides they would like to continue, $70 is payable at the end of the 4th, or the beginning of the 5th, rehearsal.  They can then continue to attend rehearsals and perform in the concert at the end of the session providing all attendance requirements have been met.

After the concert the Music Director decides whether or not to invite the guest singer to become a full member.  Guest singers invited to become full members then pay the following part subscription for the remainder of the year, depending on the session in which they started.

Guest in session 1:    A further $160 payable at the beginning of session 2.

Guest in session 2:    A further $80 payable at the beginning of session 3.

Guest in session 3:    $240 (full membership) payable at the start of session 1 of the following year.

No late payments

All subscriptions are to be paid on or by the due date.  The choir has to pay its bills on time so it is expected that members pay their subscription promptly.

Changes in subscriptions

Whilst the committee is very mindful of the need to keep subscriptions as low as possible, the amount payable has to be reviewed annually.

Such increases are normally decided and announced in session 3, to take effect from the beginning of the following year.


Members leaving

There is normally no refund of subscriptions available for members who leave partway through a year.  However, in cases of hardship application may be made to the committee for consideration of a proportional refund.