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Rehearsal Aids

Rehearsal Plan


10 June

Bach – Movement 1

Haydn - Kyrie


17 June

Haydn Gloria

Haydn Sanctus

Haydn Benedictus

Mozart Ave Verum


24 June

Haydn Credo (all 4 subparts)

Haydn Agnus Dei


Saturday 29 June

All Haydn

Mozart Ave Verum


1 July 

All Bach

This page contains links to:
performance recordings
easy access note-learning aids
     German for BACH
     Eric's "Guide to Latin Pronunciation"

BACH Cantata 34 "O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe" BWV 34 

Performance Recording
No. 1 bar 27 at approx 1:30 min 
No. 5 p 13 at approx 15:15 min

Bach Cantata

Note Bashing

German Pronunciation
Audio by German speaker:  Please scroll to the very bottom of this page and download the mp4 file "O ewiges Feuer..."  (Sorry I haven't figured out how to get the positioned file here.)

Phonetic Syllables by English speaker:

O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe,
O eh-vee-ges foyer, O oor-shproong dare lee-buh


Entzünde die Herzen und weihe sie ein.

Ent-soon-duh dee hare-tsen oont vye-uh zee ine

Laß himmlische Flammen durchdringen und wallen, 

Lahs him-le-sheh Flah-men doork-dreeng-en oont vahl-en

Wir wünschen, o Höchster, dein Tempel zu sein, 

Veer vin-chen, o Hue-ster, dine Tempel tsu zine

Ach, laß dir die Seelen im Glauben gefallen

ahk, lahs deer dee Zaylen im Glow-ben gefahlen  (glow as in glower)

MOZART Ave Verum Corpus

Performance Recording 

Mozart Ave Verum Corpus

There are many to choose from, here is one you-tube series:

Soprano line

Ave Verum Corpus - Soprano

Alto line

Ave Verum Corpus - Alto

Tenor line

Ave Verum Corpus - Tenor

Bass line

Ave Verum Corpus - Bass

Eric's Guide to Latin Pronunciation

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O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe (JS Bach) (1).m4a
Janie Cook,
13 Jun 2019, 18:02