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Rehearsals: Plan & Aids

Concert Programme

1. Rutter The Sprig of Thyme
1a: The bold grenadier - SATB  
1b: The keel row - SSATB
1c: The willow tree - SATB
1d: The sprig of thyme - Sops
1e: Down by the sally gardens - Tenors & Basses
1f : The cuckoo - S solo + SATB
1g: I know where I'm going - Sops
1h: Willow song - SATB
1i: O can ye sew cushions? - Sops + Altos
1j: The miller of Dee - Tenors & Basses
1k: Afton water - SATB

Page with Rutter Sprig of Thyme notes by parts  (singingpractice.co.uk) This will download MID files to your computer to be played by your computer's MID file player.

2. soloist only Shubert Die Hochzeitbraten  


3. Joncas Shelter Me - SAB

4. Gounod St Cecilia Mass
4a: Kyrie - STB soli + SATB  
4b: Gloria - STB soli + SATB
1c: Credo - STB soli + SATB
4d: Invocation - organ  
4e: Sanctus - T solo + SATB  
4f: Benedictus - S Solo + SATTBB
4g: Agnus Dei - ST soli + SATB  

Another page with options by part   (choralia.net) Pages can be downloaded or listened directly. 

If you download you can copy to disc or stick 

Alternatively, on google or youtube, search for the movement and part.
For example, "Gounod St Cecilia Mass Sanctus Alto".

Rehearsal Plan

12 October -  Tenors & Basses alone second half
4e, 4f, 4g, 1e, 1j

19 October 
1b, 1c, 1f, 1h, 1k, Joncas

31 October
Margaret Medlyn Workshop

2 November
Whatever needs work
Pirate Girls sneak peek

9 November
All Rutter
Whatever needs work in Gounod

16 November - with soloists
All Gounod

23 November - with organist
All Gounod