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Rehearsal Aids

Rehearsal Plan


8 July (in church, concert seating finalised) 

Haydn: Kyrie & Sanctus & Benedictus

15 July 


Haydn: Agnus Dei

22 July 

Mozart Ave Verum

Haydn: Credo

Saturday 27 July: everything

29 July


Haydn: Credo & Et Vitam

Mozart Ave Verum

5 Aug (soloists present

Haydn: Kyrie & Gloria & Credo Et incarnatus & Credo Et Resurrexit & Sanctus & Benedictus & Agnus Dei

12 & 19 Aug: whatever needs work

26 Aug (orchestra present): all choir sections

This page contains links to:
performance recordings
easy access note-learning aids
     German for BACH
     Eric's "Guide to Latin Pronunciation"

BACH Cantata 34 "O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe" BWV 34 

Performance Recording
No. 1 bar 27 at approx 1:30 min 
No. 5 p 13 at approx 15:15 min

Bach Cantata

Note Bashing

German Pronunciation
A) Audio by German speaker:  Please scroll to the very bottom of this page and click on it to download the mp4 file "O ewiges Feuer...".   Depending on your browser it will immediately start an audio player, or you may have to click on the downloaded file.  
(Sorry I haven't figured out how to get the file positioned here.)

B) approximate Phonetic Syllables by English speaker:


O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe,
O eh-vee-ges foyer, O oor-shproong dare lee-buh


Entzünde die Herzen und weihe sie ein.

Ent-soon-duh dee hare-tsen oont vye-uh zee ine

Laß himmlische Flammen durchdringen und wallen, 

Lahs him-le-sheh Flah-men doork-dreeng-en oont vahl-en

Wir wünschen, o Höchster, dein Tempel zu sein, 

Veer vin-chen, o Hue-ster, dine Tempel tsu zine

Ach, laß dir die Seelen im Glauben gefallen

ahk, lahs deer dee Zaylen im Glow-ben gefahlen  (glow as in glower)


Friede über Israel.

Free-duh oober Is-rye-el

Dankt den höchsten Wunderhänden,

Dahnkt den hoo-sten Vunder-henden

Dankt, Gott hat an euch gedacht. 

Dahnkt, Got haht ahn oykh gedahkt

Ja, sein Segen wirkt mit Macht, 

Yah, zine Zeh-gen virkt mitt mahkt

Friede über euch zu senden.

Free-duh oober oykh tsoo zenden

MOZART Ave Verum Corpus

Performance Recording 

Mozart Ave Verum Corpus

There are many to choose from, here is one you-tube series:

Soprano line

Ave Verum Corpus - Soprano

Alto line

Ave Verum Corpus - Alto

Tenor line

Ave Verum Corpus - Tenor

Bass line

Ave Verum Corpus - Bass

HAYDN MASS No. 13  Creation Mass

Performance Recording 

On the progression bar you'll notice small orange markers.  These seem to denote breaks between pieces, and may help you reach a specific chorus.  This will too:
Gloria p24 ----> 6:17
    Quonium (in Gloria) p49 ----> 13:30
Credo p66 ----> 17:20
Sanctus p105 ----> 27:25
Benedictus p117 bar 21 ----> 31:00
Agnus Dei p141 bar 33 ----> 39:00

Haydn Creation Mass

Note: at Agnus Dei p141 bar 33, this performance starts to vary from our score.  But don't panic, the cyberbass aid, below, does match our score.  (The learnchoralmusic aid seems to be the same variation as the Performance, so not a good choice for the Agnus Dei.)  And thanks to Dave Armstrong here is a performance video of our version of Agnus Dei:

Agnus Dei - OUR version

Note Bashing

Eric's Guide to Latin Pronunciation

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O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe (JS Bach) (1).m4a
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