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Peter Godfrey's 90th birthday 2 Apr 2012

We celebrated our Patron's birthday on 2 April, 2012, the eve of his birthday.
Bronwyn Parker provided the cake.

Oculi Omnium

Peter and Marie

Peter touches our choir at three levels
  • He conducted the choir for 10 years (1994-2003), so many of us were influenced by him personally.
  • We are all members of a choir which he did so much to shape, and all benefit from his legacy.
  • Our choir is in a country where choral singing flourishes, thanks in large part to Peter's vision and drive.  The local example is the annual May Workshop, which he conducted for 7 years (1989-1995).  THE BIG SING is another major example.  In fact there are so many which is, of course, why he is an Icon!  But still he comes to every one of our concerts, so we can safely say that he is ours, with pride.

LIFE MEMBERS Peter Averi, Peter Godfrey, Ellen Barrett WITH Marie Brown

    Elaine Jones                   Janie Cook                    Norma McCallum        Marie Brown