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30th Anniversary Dinner - 13 May 2013

A special evening was held the night after our concert.  After thirteen years since the last celebratory dinner, 81 members of Kapiti Chorale, guests and partners met at the Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club for an evening of fun and friendship.
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Big thanks to Quentin Christie for donating his photography talents and the following photographs:

        Ross Wards, MC                                 Peter Godfrey conducts Oculi Omnium                                                                     Peter receives flowers following Ross' acknowledgement 

 Carolyn Lonsdale expresses our high regard for Ellen

    Jean Gray pays tribute to Marie

 Grant Parker describes Peter Averi's many                                                       Norma reads her poem 
achievements and contribution to the Chorale 

    Peter Godfrey, Peter Averi, Marie Brown, Ellen Barrett            Quiz Time!                    Judy Frost-Evans        Janie Cook demonstrates how to    Kim Murray with chainsaw ready                    
         following their tribute presentations                                "Name that person"            tells a story                    warm up a choir at rehearsal          to help cool the place down

                Vivien Adams announces the quiz answers                       Carol shares stories from Choir Archives Glenys Moir & Annie Bustin on Sopranos  Bronwyn Parker on being an Alto    

Tony Hart on Tenors                        Ian Basire about Basses                      Marie, on how to make a Conductor happy

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