(This version was superseded on 18 March 2013)



  1. NAME
    The name of the Society is the Kapiti Chorale Incorporated

    In this Constitution, unless contrary to the context, the words below shall have the meanings defined:

Annual General Meeting
means the Annual General Meeting of members of the Chorale which is to be held within the first three calendar months of the new financial year

means the attachment to this Constitution which records the Rules determined by the Committee from time to time.

means the Kapiti Chorale Incorporated.

means the Committee of the Chorale elected in terms of the Constitution.

means the Constitution of the Chorale as approved and set out herein or as may be amended from time to time.

Financial Year
means the financial year of the Chorale which shall be from 1 January to 31 December each year.

means any person who has been admitted as a Member by the Committee in terms of the Constitution.

means any Rules made (or as the same may be amended or rescinded) by the Committee and set out in the Appendix to this Constitution.

Words in the singular include the plural and words in the masculine include the feminine and vice versa.

    The objectives of the Chorale shall be to encourage choral singing by public performances of choral works and other related activities.

    The Committee, at its absolute discretion and on such terms and conditions as it decides (which may include the payment of an annual subscription as determined by the Committee), may admit a person as a Member of the Chorale or cancel a Member’s membership. The Committee may establish differing classes of membership of the Chorale.

    An Annual General Meeting of members, at which audited financial accounts shall be presented, will be held each Financial Year. Fourteen days prior notice of the meeting shall be given in writing (which may include email).

The Annual General Meeting shall be conducted under Westminster rules.

The Annual General Meeting shall elect a Committee comprising a President, Secretary and Treasurer and sufficient additional members up to a maximum Committee membership of ten.

The Annual General Meeting shall appoint an Honorary Auditor.

The Committee may call a Special General Meeting of members for any purpose. Notice of the meeting shall be given in such a manner as the Committee may direct.

The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting of the Chorale on receiving a requisition, signed by at least 25 per cent of the membership, stating the object of the meeting. Not less than fourteen days prior notice of such a meeting shall be given in writing to the members by the Secretary.

    The Committee, of whom six shall form a quorum. [ We need to correct the grammar here!]

At the first meeting of the newly elected Committee, its members shall elect a Chairperson.

The Committee may appoint another member to fill any vacancy on the Committee.

The Committee, at its absolute discretion, shall manage the affairs, hold and/or dispose of the assets, maintain the records of, open or close bank accounts, authorise Committee members to operate on bank accounts (any two sign jointly) and take any such actions as it may decide are appropriate or necessary in the interests of the Chorale or in the furtherance or achievement of its Objectives.

The Committee may lay down Rules governing the operations of the Committee and the Chorale and the obligations, responsibilities and liabilities of Members, provided such Rules are not inconsistent with, or contrary to or in conflict with the Constitution. Any such rules shall be recorded in the Appendix attached to this Constitution. The Committee may, from time to time, and at its sole discretion, amend, add to or rescind the Rules recorded. No rule shall be valid until accepted by the registrar of Incorporated Societies.

    The Committee shall appoint a Music Director on such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the parties.

The Music Director shall, ex officio, be a member of the Committee and have the same rights and liabilities as other members of the Committee. However, in the case of any matter of remuneration, benefit or pecuniary advantage for the Music Director, he/she shall have no right to vote.

The Committee may appoint an assistant to the Music Director and a Pianist, as required.

    No Member may receive any pecuniary advantage from being a Member of the Chorale except, with the approval of the Committee, a Committee member may receive, by way of reimbursement, any reasonable or necessary cost incurred through being a member of the Committee.

    The Committee, or a Special General Meeting of Members of the Chorale called for that purpose, may decide that the Chorale should be wound up.

Upon the winding up of the Chorale:
a. The Committee, at its absolute discretion, may decide the disposal of any surplus assets after settlement of all liabilities of the Chorale.
b. Any surplus assets may be transferred to any other organisation which, in the opinion of the Committee, has objectives either compatible with those of the Chorale or for the promotion of music.
c. In no circumstances may the Committee dispose of any assets in such a manner as results in a direct pecuniary advantage to any Member.


On the recommendation of the Committee, and with the approval of the Members, the Constitution of the Chorale may be changed by way of alteration, addition or rescission.

A recommended change to the Constitution must be approved at a Special General Meeting of Members with the approval being carried by a two-thirds majority of those Members present and voting.

No addition or alteration or rescission of the Pecuniary Advantages or Winding Up Clauses- shall be approved without the approval of the Inland Revenue Department.



(Revised March 2009)

    (a) Application for membership shall require the completion of the prescribed form, detailing name, address, phone number(s), email address (if applicable), voice part and musical experience.
    (b) Applicants for membership must be able to demonstrate musical and vocal competence with choral experience preferred.
    (c) Members must be financial as laid down under Rule 3.
    (d) Any member not attending at least 75% of practices, or two of the last three practices held before a concert or performance and the final dress rehearsal, shall not be allowed to participate in the concert or performance  unless the Music Director can be satisfied (in such manner - including an audition - as he/she may require), that the Member is competent to participate in the concert or performance. The decision of the Music Director will be final.
    (e) A Roll of Attendance shall be kept by the Membership Secretary. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that their presence at practices is recorded on the Roll of Attendance.
    (f) Members who have resigned or left the choir for a full year or more have no automatic right of re-entry but may be accepted as Guest Singers.
    (g) Members are expected to attend all three Sessions per year unless permission has been granted by the Music Director.
    (h) Members are expected to adhere to the Music Director’s discipline.
    (i) Life Membership of the Kapiti Chorale may be granted by the Committee for exceptional services to the choir.

i In considering applications for membership, the Membership Sub-Committee may:

1 offer the applicant immediate membership;
2 invite the applicant to participate as a guest singer, which will be reviewed following the completion of the current session;
3 advise applicants in writing whether their application is accepted or declined.

ii The committee may maintain a waiting list of prospective members.

    A Member’s membership shall be cancelled:
    (a) on the expiry of fourteen days after a written resignation from the member is received by the Secretary.
    (b) subject to the discretion of the Committee, upon failure to pay the subscription for the current year within the time prescribed by the Committee.
    (c) in the event that vocal and musical standards are not maintained to the standards required by the Music Director.
    (d) For failure to adhere to the Music Director’s discipline.

(a) Failure to accept or adhere to the Conditions of Membership will result in a review by the Committee. The member shall be contacted by the President, reasons given and a verbal warning issued. If corrective action is not taken the Committee may recommend cancellation of Membership. The decision of the Committee will be final and will be determined by a majority vote at a meeting at which not less than three quarters of the Committee is present. The committee’s decision will then be confirmed in writing by the Secretary.

(b) Should the Members’ musical competence fall below the standard required the Music Director shall, in the first instance, speak to the person involved.  If this does not resolve the issue the Music Director shall inform the committee who shall inform the person concerned, in writing, that their membership has been cancelled.
    (a) The amount of the annual subscription and the method of payment shall be determined each year by the Committee.
    (b) The Committee may set a subscription rate and method of payment for Guest Members.
    (c) Subscriptions shall be paid within the time prescribed by the Committee.

    (a) All property of the Chorale (e.g. music, manuscripts and literature etc.) issued by the Chorale to its Members, will remain at all times the property of the Chorale and shall be returned upon request or when membership is cancelled.
    (b) Any property issued shall, unless prior permission is obtained from the Librarian, be used by a Member only for the Chorale activity for which it was issued.

    The Common Seal of the Kapiti Chorale Incorporated shall be held by the Secretary and used only with the authorisation of the Committee.