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Information for members


Kāpiti Chorale is a non-auditioned choir limited to around 80 members; however some guest singers may be admitted.

The Music Director is Eric Sidoti and rehearsal accompanist / voice trainer is Phillip O'Malley

Three concerts per year are usually performed with an occasional major work as part of a community choir.

A reasonable standard of musical knowledge and ability is needed with choral experience preferred.

Members are expected to participate in the full year's programme and pay the full annual subscription. If they wish to miss a session the permission of the Music Director should be obtained and the Membership Secretary informed.

Former members wishing to rejoin the choir after a period of absence must do so as guest singers.

Guest Singers

Guest singers are welcome to come and try out the choir for four weeks at the beginning, or within three weeks of the beginning, of a session.  After four weeks, guests will be welcome to come for four sessions but not be permitted to sing in the upcoming concert, unless the Music Director gives approval for them to sing.

The current term fee for guests is $70. Please see the subscriptions page for more details.

Constitution and Rules of the Kāpiti Chorale



Held on Mondays from 7.30 to 9.30pm in St. Paul's Church Hall, corner of Kāpiti Road and Langdale Ave, Paraparaumu.
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Two or three Saturday rehearsals, per session, are usually held from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Singers must attend a minimum of 75% of rehearsals including three of the last four rehearsals and the compulsory final rehearsal.

Singers are asked to be at the hall at 7.15pm to register attendance, collect any music and help set out chairs, rostrum etc.   After the rehearsal chairs are to be returned.

Occasionally rehearsals are held in St. Paul's Church.   No food or drink (except for water) is to be consumed in the church.

Name badges are supplied and should be worn at each rehearsal: Committee yellow; members white; guest singers green.  If you need a replacement, please ask at the desk, or any committee member.

Code of Conduct - Approved 6 March 2017       

Choral music relies on teamwork.  This page provides some etiquette and habits that can help everyone to maximize the contribution and enjoyment of the music we share and to always raise performance standards.

Be prompt

Rehearsal begins promptly at 7.30 pm unless otherwise noted.  Apologies are to be given to the Membership Secretary or marked in the register in advance.

Be prepared

Bring all music to every rehearsal and a 2B pencil to mark notes.  You may need an eraser for corrections.

Be respectful

Rehearsal time is reserved for music preparation and practice.  The director is the focal point of the rehearsal.  Please save conversations for break or after the meeting.  Turn off phones, alarms, or other devices that could interrupt practice.  While the Director is aware of those who like to stand beside friends, sometimes singers will be asked to move to a new position; please accept the Director's decision.  The committee encourages a pleasant team spirit and discourages discourtesy to other choir members.

Be present, listen

Pay attention to the director, and always be aware of the rehearsal focus.  Study your own part when the director is working with another group; be ready when your part is included.  Singing involves more than notes, and habits used during rehearsal are evident in performance.  Good singing posture is essential.  Unless standing, sit on the front edge of the chair, back straight, both feet on the ground.  Posture affects your voice, both pitch and quality although you may not hear the difference in your own voice.

During rehearsal, the director will give the start point.  This may include page number, system number, bar number, and the beat within the measure.  If you are unfamiliar with how to read your music, please ask for help.

Music marking

Mark your music with 2B pencil only.  Do not use a highlighter and please do not use unnecessary marks.

Rehearsal and concert venues

Respect all areas used for our rehearsals and/or concerts.  Sealed water bottles are the only drinks that are acceptable.  In the event that we are rehearsing or performing in a church or other space of worship, respect all areas dedicated to worship.  No drink or food is permitted in St Paul's Church.  

Respect other members of the choir and be aware that your behaviour may impact on others in a way that you may not be aware.

There are usually three each year.   A schedule of rehearsal dates is published at the beginning of each session.
There is a two or three week break between sessions.

Concert dress
Women   Teal shirt with collar and three-quarter length sleeves worn outside the waistband.  Black skirt or dress trousers, black stockings and black shoes (not sandals).  Shirts can be obtained through the Chorale.  No perfume and minimal jewellery.

Men  Black open-neck shirt, dark trousers, black shoes and socks. 

Music Scores
Music Handling Code (updated: July 2015)

The Kāpiti Chorale depends on hiring music from various libraries and other choirs and must maintain a good reputation in order to continue doing so.  As well as handling borrowed music well, we need to look after our own copies, and to avoid paying for lost or damaged copies.  In order to ensure this, a music handling code has been developed, which we would kindly ask every singing member to respect.

1. When the music copy is issued to each Chorale member, please inspect it for damage or pencil markings. Report these to the Librarian who will note the facts before the music is used.

2. PLEASE ONLY USE 2B PENCILS for annotating scores.

3. If any member withdraws during a session, it is their responsibility to return the music copies to the Librarian as soon as possible.  The onus is on the particular member to return the music copies to the Kāpiti Chorale.  The onus is not on the Chorale to retrieve the music copies.  The copies may be given to another Chorale member to return to the Librarian, returned at the end of a practice, or delivered to the Librarian’s house.

4. Please follow the Librarian's directions regarding the return of scores and erasure of your annotations after a concert.  If requested to do so, during the interval and afterwards, please rub out all pencil markings on the music copies if possible and return to the boxes provided by the Librarian.  Please do not take away any music copies; all must be returned at this time.  If anyone cannot remove the pencil markings for any reason, the uncleaned music copies should still be returned to the collection boxes.  The Librarian will hold a checking and final cleaning session, or “rubbing out party”, a few days after the concert to check all music copies for cleanliness and damage, and ensure that all markings are removed before scores are returned to the institution which hired them to the Kāpiti Chorale, or returned to our library. Volunteers to assist the Librarian in this task are welcome!

5. All lending institutions state a lending period during which the music copies must be returned and there is usually a penalty for a late or incomplete return.  Late returns jeopardise our reliability as good borrowers and make the lenders less willing to lend us scores for the future.  Having all the copies returned on concert day gives time for the Librarian to check all copies have been returned and are cleaned.

6. If any choir member loses or damages any music copy, that person is responsible for meeting the penalty required by the hiring institution.  If the member who has lost or damaged any music copy does not pay the fine or return the music, they will not be welcome to attend any sessions of the Chorale until the matter is resolved to the Committee’s satisfaction.

Complaint and Discipline Policy - Approved 6 March 2017

The Chorale is committed to being a safe and supportive community group engaged in providing an opportunity for people to sing in a choir and engage in music performance for the community.

Complaint procedure

Should you have a complaint or issue with another member

1.    Please speak to the President (currently Carol) or another member of the committee about the matter.

2.    You will be asked to put your complaint in writing (email is acceptable).

3.    This will be considered by the committee and a reply given.

4.    Should you have a complaint about a committee member, please speak to the Music Director.

5.    Action taken will be at the discretion of the committee.

 Any matters regarding the music are to be discussed with the Music Director.


Newsletters and newsbriefs will be distributed from time to time with Chorale news and information.

Contact details

Upon joining the Chorale, contact details need to be supplied.  If these change at any stage, please let the membership secretary know.

The committee hopes this information sheet is useful.  If you have any comments please talk to a committee member: