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Information for members

The Kapiti Chorale is a non-auditioned choir limited to around 80 members; however some guest singers may be admitted.

Our Music Director  is Eric Sidoti.
Our rehearsal accompanist / voice trainer is Ellen Barrett. (Practice Pianist)

We usually perform three concerts per year with an occasional major work as part of a community choir.

A reasonable standard of musical knowledge and ability is needed with choral experience preferred.
Members are expected to participate in the full year's programme and pay the full annual subscription. If they wish to miss a session the permission of the Music Director should be obtained and the Membership Secretary informed.
Former members wishing to rejoin the choir after a period of absence must do so as guest singers.

The Constitution and Rules of the Kapiti Chorale is available here: Our Constitution.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Are explained here: subs

Are held on Mondays from 7.30 to 9.30pm in the St. Paul's Church Hall, on the corner of Kapiti Road and Langdale Ave, Paraparaumu.  View  Map

Two or three Saturday rehearsals, per concert session, are held from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Singers must attend a minimum of 75% of rehearsals including three of the final four rehearsals and the compulsory dress rehearsal. Singers are asked to be at the hall at 7.15pm to register their attendance, collect any music and help set out chairs, rostrum etc. Also to return chairs after the rehearsal.

Occasionally rehearsals are in St. Paul's Church. No food or drink except for water is to be consumed in the church.

Name badges are supplied and should be worn at each rehearsal: Committee yellow; members white; guest singers green. If you need a replacement, ask Vivien Adams.

Apologies are to be given to the Membership Secretary or marked in the register in advance.

Please do not talk when the Music Director is talking. While the Director is aware of those who like to stand beside friends, sometimes singers will be asked to move to a new position; please accept the Director's decision. The committee encourages a pleasant team spirit and discourages discourtesy to other choir members.

There are usually three each year. A schedule of rehearsal dates is published at the beginning of each session. Concert/Practice Schedule
There is a two or three week break between sessions.

Women:- Pure white shirts with collars, long-sleeve or below elbow, worn outside the waistband and no longer than hip length. Black skirt or dress trousers, black stockings and black shoes (not sandals). A coloured scarf is provided for concerts. No perfume and minimal jewellery.
Men:- White shirts, dark trousers, black shoes and socks. Blue ties are supplied for concerts.

MUSIC SCORES : Music Handling Code

We depend on hiring music from other organisations and must maintain a good reputation in order to continue doing so. We need to look after the music that has been issued to the Chorale as well our own copies so that they are returned in good condition and we avoid paying for lost or damaged copies. In order to ensure this, a music handling code has been developed.

The Librarian is responsible for ensuring that the cleaned music is returned to the lending institutions within the specified lending time. A late return not only jeopardises our reliability as good borrowers but can also incur a fine.

  1. Each chorale member must inspect all music at the time it is issued and report any damage and/or markings to the Librarian.

  2. Any further damage or loss must also be reported immediately to the Librarian.

  3. Only 2B pencils are to be used for marking.

  4. It is the responsibility of any member who withdraws during a session to return the music copies immediately to the Librarian directly or via another choir member.

  5. Erase pencil markings on the music copies on the day of the concert, and place in collection boxes provided by the Librarian. Do not take away any music. If anyone cannot remove the pencil markings for any reason, the music should still be returned to the collection boxes.

  6. The Committee requires that anybody who loses or damages any music copy will pay the sum required by the hiring institution.

  7. Any member who does not pay the fine for lost or damaged music copy will not be permitted to attend further sessions of the Chorale until the matter is resolved to the Committee’s satisfaction.

NEWSLETTERS will be distributed from time to time with Chorale news and information, and a link to it will be on the home page of this website.

CONTACT DETAILS When you join the Chorale you'll be asked to supply your contact details. If these change at any stage, please let the membership secretary know.

The committee hopes this information sheet is useful. If you have any comments please talk to a committee member: Committee