2018 Michaela Cadgwan

Our latest vocal award winner, soprano Michaela Cadwgan, has just completed her second year of study, majoring in Classical Performance Voice at New Zealand School of Music – Te Kōkī, Victoria University of Wellington.  Alongside this, she is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts majoring in German and Italian.  Michaela started studying music at around age six, firstly with the piano and later the violin but it was not until she moved to New Zealand that she began singing lessons.  Since then her passion for music, singing and performance has only grown. During high school, Michaela regularly performed in the choir, and as a violist in the symphony and chamber orchestra.

In her last two years at NZSM, Michaela has taken part in many performances, the most notable include the 2017 Opera production The Cunning Little Vixen, where she was a chorus member and the 2018 Opera scenes production Eat Your Heart Out, where she performed the role of Gretel.