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2010 annual reports presented at the AGM held on 21 March 2011

Marie Brown, Music Director

It is my pleasure to present the Kapiti Chorale's Music Director's Report 2010.  Three concerts, in keeping with tradition, were presented, each one in St Paul's church and each one accompanied by our valued organist, friend and Life Member, Peter Averi.  Our first concert featured the Te Deum and Mass in D Major by Antonin Dvorak with soloists Janey Mackenzie, Ellen Barrett, John Beaglehole and Craig Beardsworth.

Extracurricular singing was again supported in generous numbers from the Kapiti Chorale at the NZCF Workshop in Wellington where the weekend was spent working on the Schubert Mass in A flat.

The second concert, played to a full house, was entitled Love, Honour, Betrayal and featured choruses and arias from opera.  The second recipient of the Kapiti Chorale Award in Vocal Performance, soprano Imogen Thirlwall with tenor Michael Gray and guest accompanist Julie Coulson from the New Zealand School of Music featured in this programme.  By popular demand an encore was given.  There was a very supportive group from the Victoria Foundation which is becoming a regular feature in our winter concerts.  Margaret Medlyn, Lecturer in Voice at the NZSM, who attended the concert, sent this message:

Congratulations to you and the Kapiti Chorale for a terrific concert with a well-thought out programme.  It was a great afternoon's entertainment and terrific to see such a full house.  Thank you and the choir also for giving Imogen the opportunity to perform with you and also for the scholarship you generously give the NZSM for the singers.  It is a terrific boost to any singing student to receive a prize with money and its valuable experience to get up and sing with a choir and present a professional concert.

A second opportunity for some extracurricular singing was taken up by many members in the Sing with Simon evening with visiting expert and former King's Singer, Simon Halsey at Queen Margaret College.

Our final concert of the year was a performance of Handel's Messiah to a capacity audience with soloists Pepe Becker, Ellen Barrett, James Adams and Matthew Landreth and trumpeter Andrew Weir.  It was decided to perform to organ accompaniment rather than orchestral to allow for maximum audience.  This proved a wise decision as the performance was sold out well in advance.  In retrospect we could have given two performances.  We were able to honour Peter Averi and celebrated with him the 60th anniversary since his first Messiah on an Harmonium!  Peter continues to give so much.  I would like to thank Stuart Douglas for so ably and congenially 'holding the fort' two weeks before the performance to enable me to accompany the NZSO, as a Board Director, on part of their European Tour.

Membership  We continue to attract new members but there is always room for more and we must be continually recruiting.  A recent advertisement for tenors and basses has been successful in this regard.

Choir discipline  In such a large choir it is essential that members respect the rules and particularly the people who work so hard in their interests.  I value the committee that we have and continue to be amazed by their dedication, expertise and commitment.  Special thanks to our President, Ian Basire for his work not only as President this past year but for continuing in the role of Secretary as well for most of the year.  We need the generosity of people like Ian to step into these critical positions.  I thank the tireless and committed committee for their work.  We quite simply could not function without them.

Rehearsal pianist and vocal coach  I would like to express my ongoing gratitude to our long-standing accompanist and treasured Life Member, Ellen Barrett.  We are truly blessed to have someone of her dedication.  Her friendship is also valued by us all.

Lastly, my thanks to you, the members of the Kapiti Chorale for your enthusiasm and support.  You are a wonderful group to work with and I greatly value my association with you.

Ian Basire, President

As usual we presented three concerts which were all well received by our faithful and enthusiastic audiences.
During 2011 we will break some new ground by putting on a joint concert with the Kapiti Concert Orchestra.  This will be in August in the Waikanae Memorial Hall.  Preliminary planning for this is underway.  It will be organised by a joint committee.

Concert Venues
With our sell-out presentation of Messiah last year the question of concert venues on the Kapiti Coast was again raised and we will continue to seek alternatives.  Our second concert this year, with the Kapiti Concert Orchestra, in the Waikanae Memorial Hall will give us more of an appreciation of how suitable this venue might be.

Waikanae Law - Sponsorship of advertising
I acknowledge and thank Waikanae Law for their sponsorship of concert advertising.

Choir members may not all appreciate the work carried out by the committee.  My thanks, and those of the whole choir, to all committee members.  Julie and husband Mike, as treasurer and setting up new financial systems.
Without an elected secretary, Janie has picked up many of the secretary's tasks including producing newsletters, while Prue took over the job of preparing agendas for our meetings as well as taking the minutes and continuing with the responsibility for ticket sales.
Kim deserves special mention - she arrives early (very early!) to every practice and sets out all the chairs so that we come in with everything set-up - she is then the last to leave and lock up again - thank you Kim.
Vivien continues to produce our brilliant concert programmes, flyers, posters and tickets.
Not only has Ruth so ably taken up the reigns as Music Librarian but has also prepared publicity.
Daphne continues to keep track of us all with the attendance roll ably assisted by Isobel.
Bruce felt he had to drop off the committee during the year but continued to liaise with the church over our schedule, organised for the repair of our piano, and looked after the sale of practice CDs, again assisted by Isobel.

Of course no choir can exist without a Music Director so a big vote of thanks to Marie for her dedication to the task of assembling interesting programmes, and inspiring us with her enthusiasm - thank you Marie.
Our thanks too to Ellen and her rare expertise in accompanying our practices, helping with our voice exercises and taking the odd sectional practice.
Others, outside the committee, include Pat as concert manager and set-up specialist for our concerts in the church, and Neil for looking after our sound equipment.

I now step down as president and from the committee but will continue to give my help as support as required - after all that is only an email away.  It is my view that, in particular, the president and secretary should be changed regularly so as not to burn willing people out.

My best wishes to the incoming committee, the talent in that committee will, I know, serve the Chorale well.